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Free Plan


No payment required

List your property and become a Wheel the World Partner 

  • List your property for free on and bring a new revenue stream to your hotel
  • Free access to the Accessibility Mapping System with online guide to self-map your hotel
  • Organize your property’s accessibility information
  • Support from our Travel Experts for future guest bookings
trained & certified partner

Trained & Certified Partner


One time payment (per hotel)

List your property and become a Wheel the World Trained and Certified Partner 

  • Your property listed on with top visibility
  • Wheel the World Academy Access for up to 20 staff members
  • Accessibility certification kit by Wheel the World (certificate for the property and for each Academy student)
  • Site inspection by one of our team members
  • Personalized accessibility report of your property + what accessible features are missing + insights and steps on how to improve those features
  • Social media post sharing your property as a Trained & Certified Partner of Wheel the World (+40K Followers)
  • Dedicated Hotel Product Manager
  • Support from our Travel Experts for future guest bookings


What is a Mapper?

A Wheel the World Mapper is someone ready to do a site inspection of your hotel in 1 hour. All of our Mappers have been trained and certified by Wheel the World. Not only are they passionate about accessibility and inclusion, they also have the knowledge and skills to detect accessibility in different environments. All you need to do is give them access to your hotel, so they can record the property’s accessibility information to start showing your products on our platform. If you are interested in joining our community of Mappers you can click here.

What is the Accessibility Mapping System?

The Accessibility Mapping System (AMS) is a web app developed by Wheel the World to gather and to organize detailed accessibility data. With this tool, we are able to assess the accessibility of guest rooms, bathrooms, the entrance, lobby/reception, elevators, food service facilities, and other common areas. By gathering specific and accurate information, we are able to provide confidence and a reliable experience to our travelers (and your future guests).We asses accessibility features like:
  • Room features such as door width, bed height, floor type, etc.
  • Hotel entrance: Is it step-free? Is there a ramp?
  • Bathroom features such as type of shower, size of the sink, toilet, grab bars
  • Common area features like type of floor, ramps, hallway width 

What does the accessibility report of my hotel include?

A personalized report of the accessibility of your hotel includes:
  • Best accessible features in your hotel (which we will highlight at your hotel's listing)
  • Non-accessible features that might me limiting the experience of customers with accessibility needs 
 A personalized report + consultation includes:
  • Best accessible features in your hotel (which we will highlight at your hotel's listing)
  • Non-accessible features that might me limiting the experience of customers with accessibility needs 
  • Detailed report on each accessibility feature; what is your status, what is the norm, who are the beneficiaries, and how to easily improve it
  • Live consultation on how to improve your accessibility without spending too much time or money

What if my hotel is not fully accessible?

Don’t worry about this. Every Wheel the World client has different accessibility needs. We provide real and reliable information to empower our travelers to decide what works best for them. We do not state if the property or the facilities are accessible or not, that depends on the individual person’s accessibility needs. 
What might be accessible for a wheelchair user, might not be for a blind person. Or, what might not be accessible for a wheelchair user could be accessible for a senior traveler with reduced mobility. You can learn more about this in Wheel the World Academy. 

What is the Wheel the World Academy?

Wheel the World Academy is an online learning journey with the objective to train, prepare, and raise awareness about accessible tourism in the tourism industry. It is designed to prepare tourism professionals - in this particular case accommodation staff members. By the end of the course, each participant will be able to understand and recognize accessibility in tourism services, and provide the best service possible to people with disabilities. Participants will learn about:
  • Accessible tourism
  • Interacting with guests with disabilities
  • Different types of disabilities 
  • Tips & tricks to provide a better experience to your guests
  • Concepts of Universal Design and Accessibility
  • Much more!
The Academy can be completed on a PC or smartphone at your own time and pace. In less than 3 hours you will earn knowledge that will prepare you for new types of customers. At the end of the course, you will receive a diploma that certifies that you have successfully finished Wheel the World Academy. Our travelers always prefer to stay with certified partners!

Why is the Certified Partner the most popular package and how is it different from other plans?

The Free Partner plan includes information assessed by the accommodations staff, so it might not always be 100% accurate, since the staff is not specialized in accessibility.

Our travelers tend to prefer accommodations with certified reliable and accurate information. That is why in the Certified Partner plan we send a mapper to assess the accessibility, so we can certify the quality of the information.

Travelers also tend to prefer using accommodation services of that have been both trained and certified by Wheel the World. The Trained & Certified Partner plan is the best offer, as it raises the probability of getting booked by our customers. 

Can I change my plan later?

Sure thing! Just let us know by email at

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